@ Martinique


Happy Dudes has nested at the Martinique Beach location since the Summer of ’06
(…2006, that is)

Conveniently located minutes from and en route to Martinique Beach – pick up your board & suit rental and drop in on your way back for a BBQ or Cafe treat!


An absolutely perfect way to spend the day at the beach! No fuss! No worry about bringing food – it’s all there – BBQ at Happy Dudes at Martinique Beach.

Don’t care to drive back to the city? Stay the night, or several nights, at the Happy Dudes on-site camping. (Only $10 per night – best deal on the Shore!)

Where is Happy Dudes at Martinique Beach?

2137 East Petpeswick Road,
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS


From Metro: Drive East along Hwy 107 until you reach Musquodoboit Harbour.
AT the Library, which will be on your right, turn right onto the East Petpeswick Road.
Continue down this road for what will seem like eternity, but really isn’t, until you see the Happy Dudes at Martinique.

Or, just Google it. Either way, come enjoy the vista!

Full on-site retail shop at Happy Dudes Martinique.