A lot of beginner surfers ask us when is the best time to go surfing. There are many factors that will affect surf conditions and the tide is a big one. For example , when the surf is small you want to go when the tide is low and coming in.

Now you will always know the tide with your new Rip Curl tide watch….

Mens Rincon Ocean Search $199 plus hst

Womens Winki Ocean Search $179 plus hst

5 year warranty and no they are not as big as a car !


Rental Prices

about3When the surf is up, find the Rental Van on the head bank overlooking Lawrencetown Beach…

Everything you need to surf is available for rent from Happy Dudes Surf Emporium either at the Shop (4891 Hwy 207) or the Mobile Rental Van – usually on site at the Lawrencetown Beach head bank.


Wetsuits range from 3/2mm for warm water surfing (that’s usually August at L’town) to 5/3mm and 6/4mm for hard winter surfing when the water temps hover around zero.

We have a range of sizes to accommodate all surfer wannabees — men and women, children and adults. Although the water in Nova Scotia can be cold, these wetsuits will keep you very warm during your lesson.

Happy Dudes has the largest selection of wetsuit rentals in Atlantic Canada, and is an authorized dealer for:
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