Surf Etiquette

etiquette-onThe ocean is for everyone to enjoy in a safe and respectful manner. The last few years have seen a large influx in the surfing scene in Nova Scotia. So, let’s all follow a few simple rules to make each surfing experience filled with good memories and tales of surf for years to come.

A Few Simple Rules…

1) Please drive slowly and carefully through inhabited areas and towns. Many coastal towns have small children who play in or near the streets and roads.

2) Respect the environment, do not litter and use the portable johns and full facilities available at many nearby beaches.

3) Respect the locals and the other surfers around you and learn the Surfer’s Code of Ethics (see below).

4) If you are a longboarder or a kayaker respect the short boarders and body boarders who are trying to catch waves further down in the break zone: let them catch more than “a few” waves.

5) When changing, use a towel. Remember . . . no one is proud of “shrinkage”.

6) If you’re a beginner, stay away from crowds or point breaks. It’s best to learn in the beach breaks.


Help make our breaks safer: inform your fellow surfers of the Surfer’s Code of Ethics,
many of them don’t know these simple rules: